Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Rivalry Schedule

Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Rivalry Schedule 2012

Portland, OR — Jeld-Wen Field
Sunday, June 24,2012 2:00pm
Saturday, September 15, 2012 12:30-pm
Seattle, WA– CenturyLink Field
Sunday, October 7, 2012 6:00pm

The Seattle Sounders–Portland Timbers rivalry goes way back to well before the current MLS and has the reputation as one of the most intense and bitter rivalries in American soccer.  In fact this rivalry has been compared to the ones you know about in the  English Premier League!  The players themselves have referred to it as an American Derby.  We in the US tend to call them local rivalries, or  crosstown rivalry. In baseball it would be the Cubs vs WhiteSox or Boston vs Yankees.

Any time Seattle and Portland had sports teams in the same league, the battles were pretty intense. The most recent was when both cities had NBA teams, but the SuperSonics left Seattle in 2008 to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They both had hockey teams at several points.

If you add Vancouver to the mix they have a three way derby battle each year for the The Cascadia Cup  which started in 2004 by  Timbers, Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps supporters. It is awarded to the best soccer team in the Pacific Northwest. The Sounders were the most recent 2011 champions. The Whitecaps and Sounders over all have three cups each and Portland two.

This year Major League Soccer put in a new scheduling format that is more conference weighted.  Each team in the Western Conference plays each other three times.  They will play the Eastern Conference Teams only once.  This is good news for the supporters of the Sounders Timbers rivalry as they will see each other three times. With three games brings a rotating home field advantage.  Each year one team will host two games, and the next year only one.

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A  rivalry also exists between the two team’s supporter groups, the Timbers Army, and Emerald City Supporters.  With the cities close enough to each other, you can expect a fairly hostile environment as they go to the opposing stadiums.   You can be sure over the years there is deep seated animosity between these two groups. Fortunately most of the time is is just loud and intense verbal banter, but unfortunately in sports you get the occasional fan who goes too far and a fight breaks out. Even in the off season the groups run internet blogs and work the forums keeping track of the off season.

No matter how you look at it, no matter what the standings are, these three games will be a big deal in the Pacific Northwest. the play for pride.

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