Baltimore Ravens Schedule Single Game & VIP Tickets

2012-13 Baltimore Ravens Schedule

 Single game & VIP tickets, season passes

baltimore ravens 2012-13 schedule and ticketsThe 2012 Baltimore Ravens schedule is out and single game tickets are on sale. This is always a big deal because fans will be scrambling all over the place to get tickets to see their favorite teams coming in to M&T Stadium. Season ticket passes are also still available. With the Ravens one dropped pass away from the Super Bowl last year, they are ready to try again in 2012.  However losing Terrell Suggs to an Achilles injury put a damper on things.  In addition to losing Suggs, lots of changes with free agency and the draft went on with the Ravens during the off season, so it will be interesting to see John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco at work with Ray Rice, and Ray Lewis and company to continue  building a championship team. The team is geared up and ready for training camp in July. The AFC Bloggers are wondering about Suggs who says he will be back by the end of the season after November sometime, and  will this Ray Lewis’s final season?

Ravens Preseason games start in August, with the Lions and Jaguars coming to M& T Bank Stadium and away games in St Louis and Atlanta. The way the schedule works this year, preseason is the only time in 2012 the Ravens will see any of those teams, during the regular season at least. Fans have differing opinions on whether that is good or not, but you don’t see the starters for much more than a quarter anyway, so it doesn’t really matter who you play in preseason. Its a great opportunity though to get to a game for a good price.

Looking for Ravens preseason tickets? Preseason and the full schedule can be found on my blog.

The season begins and ends with games with the Bengals which is kind of different. They open with a Monday night game on September 19, 2012 at M&T and close out the season on December 30, 2012 in Cincinnati.  Some other AFC games to look for that are not the competitive AFC North (Steelers, Bengals and Browns), are  home games with the  Raiders, Tom Brady and the Patriots and Broncos (will Peyton be playing?) AFC away games are against the  Texans and Chiefs. The Ravens play the NFC East teams this year in crossover play when the Super bow Champion Giants and Dallas Cowboys come to M&T Bank Stadium and then they go to the Eagles and to the Redskins. It would be natural to expect Ravens fans will be heading down to FedEx Field and up  to Lincoln National Field for those two games to bring some purple power to an away game.

Where to find Baltimore Ravens 2012-13 single game tickets, parking passes, vip club seats and season tickets.

Your  first option should always be the NFL or the Ravens website.  However their allotment of tickets will be the first to sell out. That is when the licensed independent re-sale vendors come in. You can almost always find a ticket to a game, you can’t always get seats in the section you want the closer you get to the game.

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